Our Five Step Program

Our spring program includes Granular Fertilization and Pre-emergent Crabgrass and Broadleaf Weed Control.
Begining in late spring fertilization begins and Broadleaf Control continues.
As the temperature rises, and Summer begins Granular Fertilization & Preventative White Grub Control is applied.
Fertilization continues into the fall as well as Broadleaf Control. These treatments continue until mid-fall.
Just before the winter season hits, winter Granular Fertilization is needed for Deep Root Growth stimulation.
Aside from our 5-Step Program we offer fungicides to prevent and control diseases. Preventative treatments may be needed for lawns with a past history of disease. We also have insecticides to control surface feeding insects or Non-selective herbicide to eleminate unwanted weeds and grass. For Ph levels within your lawn, lime pellet treatments are also avaliable.

Enviromental Saftey

Many homeowners are concerned with the safety of today's pesticides. We use only those products which have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Products are always applied by trained applicators and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations .

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Fully Insured & Approved

We are a fully insured, responsible company that strives for only the best. We are registered with the New York State Department of Enviromental Conservation (ID: 12303).
Let's work together. Send us an or give us a call at (585) 964.2376