Maintenance Services

This service includes litter collection, trimming, cutting grass at recommended heights, and blowing debris from hard surfaces. Excess grass is removed only if required.
Compacted soil and heavy thatch are two of the biggest obstacles to a beautiful lawn. Aeration is the process of removing plugs of thatch and soil. These plugs are left on your lawn and allowed to decompose. Aeration reduces the amount of thatch in your lawn and increases the amount of air, water, and fertilizer reaching the root zone of your turf. Good lawn care practice suggest that lawns benefit from an annual core aeration, ideally preformed in the fall. We recommend aeration be done twice a year in areas with heavy soils or abundant foot traffic. If turf areas have more than a one-inch layer of thatch removal with a power de-thatcher is neccessary. Upon completion of aeration or de-thatching over-seeding may be recommended.
Allow our 1-ton roller to even out any imperfections your lawn might have.
After a big-storm clean up might not be as easy as you'd hoped. Allow us to take the pressure of cleaning up off your shoulders.
Let us maintain your bedwork- edging, mulching, weeding and more while keeping your shrubs and trees pruned and healthy.

Sit back & Relax!

Relax! Let someone with professional equipment & a full time interest in creating a well-maintained property complete this time-consuming chore.

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The Value

Landscaping is not just scenery. The landscaping of a home reflects the spirit of those who live there. Maintenance preserves the beauty of your home or business for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.
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